Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Rich Man Returns! + Starcraft 2 1.4.3 patch note discussion

Hello, readers, and a happy Old Man Saturday to you.

Sorry I haven't been posting, I was almost devoured by a wild Dragon in the Himalayas. Now that I am back to talk about the new things which I am going to do.
Content Added:

  • Old Man Saturday is now every Saturday
Content to be added in the future:
  • Commentated games of Starcraft, Warcraft, etc. 
  • Rich Man Thursday's Rich Theaters of (not really) masterful performances
  • More programming tutorials (Next up is the finishing up of common data members we will encounter and going on into some actually fun stuff)

Now, I wish to talk about the recent Starcraft 2 patch notes. Here is a link to it:

There is a few things to note:
1. MULE nerf: Justified, in my opinion. MULEs do not deserve to mine more on Gold Patches. 
2. Snipe nerf: This is a double edged sword, in my opinion. While I like how it will encourage Viking usage against Broodlord Infestor by allowing the ghosts to snipe the infestors to prevent fungal growths, it stops one of my favorite usages of the Ghost: Sniping marines. Early TvT Ghost openers are incredible with snipe.
3. Phoenix Range Upgrade: I approve, as it significantly increases protoss air usage against Zerg's mass Mutas.
4. CPM and APM: I've seen a lot of people cry about the change, which I thought was good. I have to say this is pretty good.

4/5. Snipe nerf may need some addressing, but this is alright.

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