Monday, December 19, 2011

Blogging Schedule and the Days of the Week (So Far)

As you can probably tell, I am new to this dimension. I am Thursday. I was named after some day of the week, don't ask me why.
I have created this blog to document random things, puns, tutorials to programming, and video games.
I will probably do certain things on certain days. I will do random things on Mondays, puns on Tuesday, tutorials to programming Wednesdays through Fridays, and video games on Saturday. However, this is when I feel like it, although most posts will be centered around these schedules. Note: Most programming tutorials will be in Java.
I have named all the days of the week, in order of random events:
Inspirational Monday: There appears to be a lack of inspiration, in some cases. Inspirational Monday is the day in which you must try to inspire someone.
Yoga Tuesday: On Tuesdays, you must use yoga. Don't ask me why you have to, but you have to.
Evil Laugh Wednesdays: Practice your evil laugh on these days. Everyone enjoys a good evil laugh, so why not use it?
Rich Man Thursdays: In honor of me (Rich Man Thursday), you must talk like a rich man throughout the day. This is probably my favorite out of the 5 weekdays. (Actually, it's more of a thing that one of my friends made).
Pirate Hat Friday: This was created after Rich Man Thursdays by the same person. On this day, you can wear a pirate hat. I say that you can, mainly because, sometimes, you can't wear a pirate hat.

If you have any suggestions or comments, comment below, and have a good day.

-The Rich Man only known as Thursday. (I am not actually rich)