Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Important Terms which we need to know, and theory crafting for Starcraft 2

Hello, viewers. If you didn't know before, I am Rich Man Thursday.
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Let us talk about some important terms which we will need to know to for the Java Programming Tutorials:

  • String: A line of text
  • int: an Integer
  • double: a number with decimals
  • float: See above. There is a small difference between the two, though.
  • Array: A list of data members
  • ArrayList: An Expandable list of data members.
  • Method: Code here is used to organize the overall code and to be used multiple times
  • GUI (Pronounced gooey): Graphic User Interface.
  • While loop: A loop that includes a while. This is an example:  int t = 0; While(t>15) { powerLevel = 9001; System.out.println(powerLevel); t++; }
  • For loop: A loop that includes a for. In my opinion, this is a much better option. Creates its own counter and has an automatic addition.
  • Do...While loop: Like a while loop, but works at least once.
  • If... else statement: Just like in Geometry (If...then statements), you use logic to determine what is going to happen next.

Starcraft 2 Theorycrafting :)
Now, I am only a plat terran (I actually play all races, but my worst race, in my opinion, is Terran, so I have decided to try it out.), but I have an idea for TvZ. People seem to despise going Sky Terran for some reason, but I think that an early Viking opening would be useful for sniping out Overlords. For early game defense, expo and throw down some bunkers. Tech up to BCs or stay with Banshee/Viking/Raven to force Corrupters or Hydras and spam either Mech or Bio. I will post replays of this strategy.
Tell me what you think :)

-The Rich Man also known as Thursday (Not really rich, by the way :P)

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