Monday, January 2, 2012

Why I haven't posted and what we are generally going to post

Happy Inspirational Monday, everyone.

I have something to say to you.

You can do it.

Alright, back to our discussion

I haven't posted for a while. You can probably guess why. I have been busy fighting wild robots on some unknown planet in a different universe that were trying to eat all the cheese on our planet. As you can see, there is still cheese on this planet, I have technically saved the universe once again
Now, what I will post about is a variety of programming tutorials (Such as Java, so that all may learn the Ways of the Programmer), Starcraft 2 matches (Yes, I'm a n00b, as I am just Plat), and some other random things. 

Programming tutorials will talk about basics (simple stuff like "Hello, world!" to fun stuff like File I/Os to other great fun programming things).  I will talk about common errors and other crazy stuff.

Starcraft 2 matches will probably be shown and talked about, including my own matches. I will give advice based on how I either fail or succeed, and how I could have played better.

Random things may include inside jokes, origins to the days of the week (For example, Evil Laugh Wednesday), and other strange things.

I shall do some things that will be quite entertaining, so stay tuned.

-The Rich Man known as Thursday (Please note: I am not actually a Rich Man. I only act like one. :P )

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